Windows / macOS 32 bit & Linux Releases

Adding 32 bit and Linux support!

64 and 32 bit

Added the following files:

  • Windows 32 bit version
  • macOS 32 bit version
  • Linux 32 & 64 bit version (untested)

Since I've noticed there were quite a few 32-bit users out there, I build the 32-bit versions for macOS and Windows. While I was at it, I also built it for Linux.

I don't have a Linux computer at my disposal, and I don't have much experience with Linux. So if there are any problems with the Linux version (untested), please report them and I'll try to fix it.


ReTech 1.0 (Windows 32bit) 99 MB
Nov 12, 2017
ReTech 1.0 (MacOS 32bit) 119 MB
Nov 12, 2017
ReTech 1.0 (Linux 64bit) 125 MB
Nov 12, 2017
ReTech 1.0 (Linux 32bit) 125 MB
Nov 12, 2017

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