ReTech V1. 0.1

ReTech 1.0.1

This updates brings a few cool improvements, many also as a response to the reviews I got. The most important additions are:

  • Resource gathering from terrain trees
  • New resource balance
  • New resource gathering system
  • Newsboard in main menu

Also, some bugs were fixed

  • Saving day time
  • Crafting menu not closing


ReTech 1.0.1 (Linux 32/64bit) 138 MB
63 days ago
ReTech 1.0.1 (macOS 64bit) 120 MB
63 days ago
ReTech 1.0.1 (Windows 32bit) 99 MB
63 days ago
ReTech 1.0.1 (Windows 64bit) 100 MB
63 days ago

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What do you mean by 

  • Resource gathering from terrain trees, i still cant find much wood, should make it so you can cut down the forest tree

Yes sorry that's what I mean. Just hit a tree with a tool and you'll get some wood. You have to download and install the new version however.